Research Supervision Staff and Research Topics (Master’s Program)

Health Nursing

Nursing Design

Prof. Kobayashi HiromitsuExperimental research on the evaluation of nursing skills, using measurements of physiological and physical functions
Research on physical characteristics of the elderly, including walking, sleep, and autonomic functions
Prof. Kakihana WataruResearch on physical fitness for health maintenance and promotion
Research relating to educational practices to develop competencies
Assoc. Prof. Matsuda YukihisaExperimental psychological research on human cognitive functions and the application thereof
Computational neuroscience on cognitive function and psychiatric disorder specificity, with a focus on brain structureResearch relating to educational practices to develop competencies

Community Health

Prof. Tsukada HisaeResearch relating to community health nursing practices
Research relating to the evaluation of public health services
Research relating to health literacy and health behavior
Prof. Imai HidekiHuman ecological research targeting human populations
Epidemiological research relating to disease structure in Japan
Prof. Yonezawa HiromiResearch relating to public health nurse practical activities
Research relating to preventive health care
Research relating to in-service training of public health nurses
Prof. Mino YukikoResearch relating to evaluation, therapy, and social rehabilitation support for people with mental disabilities who have caused harm to others
Research relating to nursing care of psychiatric patients with physical complications

Nursing Administration

Prof. Maruoka NaokoResearch relating to nursing management

Research relating to discharge coordination and support

Research relating to falls risk management
Prof. Takeyama MasashiResearch relating to the communication skills of new nurses

Research relating to emotional care

Practical Nursing

Women’s Health

Child and Family Health Nursing

Prof. Tobe HiromiFamily resilience, prevention of abuse and maltreatment, family mindfulness, child-rearing attitude, anger, emotion regulation, socialization of emotions, attachment, attachment disorder, child adoption, developmental disorder, school refusal, family studies

Adult Nursing

Prof. Konya ChizukoResearch relating to the development of care technologies for wounds and skin disorders
Research relating to remote support in wound and skin care nursing
Prof. Imai MiwaResearch relating to cancer prevention
Research relating to the prevention of infectious diseases
Prof. Hirai TakaoChronobiological research relating to lifestyle-related disease prevention
Research relating to bone metabolism and nutrition
Prof. Minematsu TakeoDevelopment of skin-blotting technology for noninvasive skin assessments

Development of a chronic dehydration method using skin-blotting
Development of wound-blotting technology for noninvasive wound assessments
Prof. Dai MisakoResearch relating to the development of care technologies for side effects and complications after cancer treatment
Research relating to remote support for edema care
Prof. Ogai KazuhiroElucidation of the involvement of bacterial flora in wound occurrence and recurrence, and development of corrective methods
Development and application of comprehensive testing methods using skin blotting
Development and application of wound assessment technology targeting microRNA

Gerontological Nursing

Prof. Sanada HiromiCare innovation in nursing science and engineering
Prof. Kawashima KazuyoResearch relating to verification of nursing theory in practical application
Research relating to the care of elderly people living in nursing homes (bathing and decision-making)
Research relating to the improvement of health issues common among the elderly (undernutrition, sleep disorders, contractures, etc.)
Research relating to the development of care technologies in nursing care facilities
Prof. Iwasa KazuoResearch relating to basic clinical conditions of intractable neurological diseases

Home Care Nursing

Prof. Sakurai ShihomiHealth support for caregivers
Support for raising children requiring constant medical care
Research relating to home nursing

Midwifery Nursing

Prof. Kameda YukieResearch relating to the effects of antenatal education and measuring instruments
Research relating to midwife education
Prof. Yoneda MasayoResearch relating to grief care
(mainly focusing on perinatal deaths: miscarriages, stillbirths, and neonatal deaths)
Research relating to professional midwifery care