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Our Philosophy in Education

The educational philosophy of this university is to foster nursing professionals and nursing instructors with […]

Admission Policy

Master’s Program Student selection examinations shall be held. We are looking for a broad spectrum of ta […]

Diploma Policy

Master’s Program We shall award the degree of Master of Science in Nursing to those who have obtained th […]


The Master’s program includes lectures and practicum distributed between basic and specialized courses.I […]

Completion Requirements

Master’s Program No. of credits required for completion Two or more years studying in the Master’s […]

Degrees Awarded and Requirements for Completing the Programs

Master’s Program Degree awarded: Master of Nursing Science Master of Nursing Science will be awarded to […]

Admission Requirements

Students who have received a university diploma or its equivalent, which must be recognized by the Ministry of […]

Certified Nurse Administrator – Master’s Program

What is a Certified Nurse Administrator? A CNA is a professional who serves the health/medicine/welfare sector […]

Certified Nurse Specialist (CNS) education course – Master’s Program

Certified Nurse Specialist Education Course The fields of Community/Mental Health/Public Health, Child and Fam […]