Study Support

Study Advice

IPNU features a homeroom teacher system, for individual advice about study and all aspects of student life.

Guidance for All Year Levels & Class Hours (Undergraduate Only)

Guidance sessions are held every April, so that the information necessary for student life can be provided. In addition, a number of Class Hour sessions are provided throughout the year to support students in their student lifestyles.

Interaction with Students of Different Year Levels (Undergraduate Only)

This is a chance for younger students to talk to upper-year students about their student life experiences, issues and successes in student life like regular exams, nursing practicums, and looking for work.
This advice from upper-year students still at the university provides great support for university life.

DVD Learning Materials

The university offers a DVD titled Self-Study Scenario Learning: For the Improvement of Practical Nursing Skills — Step by Step Forward!. This university-produced DVD consists of nine case studies for the purpose of gaining practical nursing skills through continued self-learning, prior to nursing practicums and gaining employment.
In addition, the University Library has approximately 330 DVD titles, which students can freely watch.


In order to promote self-study and self-learning in English, starting with the 2013 academic year, the CHIerueNetLibe e-learning system is now available, for computer-based independent study. This system offers various English courses at various levels, including listening, vocabulary development, and TOEIC preparation. Access is also available from outside the university, via the internet.