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Nursing Practicum Subjects

At IPNU, we place importance on education at actual nursing settings in the public health, medical and welfare fields, in which people of various health levels live and are treated, and students take part in trial practicums soon after enrolling. Using various stages and repetition in the practicum subjects depending on progress with lectures and seminars, students enhance their practical skills as nursing professionals, and to this end, the following five stages have been created.

Stage Year Practicum Objectives Practicum Subjects
Stage I First year To understand humans and living environments
  • Early exposure for Community
Stage II First year To understand the essence and the subjects of nursing
  • Basic Nursing Practice I
Stage III Second year To develop nursing processes
  • Basic Nursing Practice II
Stage IV Third year Nursing Practicums according to life cycle and health problems
  • Maternity Nursing:Practicum
  • Child and Family Health Nursing:Practicum I
  • Child and Family Health Nursing:Practicum II
  • Adult Nursing:Practicum A
  • Adult Nursing:Practicum B
  • Elderly Nursing Practice
  • Psychiatric Nursing Practicum
Stage V Fourth year Nursing Practicums based on collaboration and cooperation among health, medicine, and welfare in the community
  • Home Care Nursing:Practicum
  • Community Health Nursing:Practicum
  • Integrative Practicum A (community based rehabilitation nursing)
  • Integrative Practicum B (community based rehabilitation nursing)