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Our Philosophy in Education

The educational philosophy of this university is to foster nursing professionals and nursing instructors with well-rounded qualities who can truly understand human lives and quality of life, who have a firm foundation as a nursing professional, and who can contribute to improving the health and welfare of local residents in the broad field of health, medicine and welfare, and this is used as a base for studies. Nursing is ever-advancing and becoming more complex and specialized, and in order to structure and provide higher quality, more effective nursing, the university will work to nurture educators/researchers/advanced specialist professionals with interdisciplinary and detailed scientific knowledge as well as advanced research skills who can engage in nursing education, research and practice, and therefore we will establish an even better nursing studies program and develop our nursing practicums.

Graduate Programs

Master’s Program

  • Prepare educators and researchers who are able to generate and extend knowledge relevant to nursing education
  • Prepare highly educated professionals with broad knowledge and leadership skills
  • Prepare an environment where nurses are able to keep knowledge and skills up-to-date

Doctoral Program

  • Prepare educators and researchers who can contribute to advancement of nursing science
  • Prepare researchers who can design nursing care based on scientific knowledge
  • Prepare researchers who can practice nursing based on specific characteristics of individual patients