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Our Philosophy in Education

Our Philosophy in Education We aim to foster nursing professionals and nursing instructors with well-rounded q […]

Admission Policy

Student selection examinations include the General Admission Examination (Early and Late Schedules), the Admis […]

Diploma Policy

We shall award the degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing to those who have obtained the required credits up […]


Undergraduate program consists of two broad areas of subjects. The courses in Liberal Arts introduce students […]

Class Subjects according to Year of Training

Liberal Arts *Bold indicates compulsory subjects, and underlined subjects indicate prerequisite subjects for N […]

Nursing Practicum Subjects

At IPNU, we place importance on education at actual nursing settings in the public health, medical and welfare […]

Graduation Requirements

To be able to graduate from IPNU, students must study for at least four years, obtain 113 credits from compuls […]

Degrees Awarded and Requirements for Completing the Programs

The Degree Awarded Bachelor of Science in Nursing Qualification Acquired after Graduation After four years stu […]

Admission Requirements

Admission and Requirements for Acceptance into School Students who have received a high school diploma or its […]

Credit Transfer System (Ishikawa City College)

IPNU students are eligible to use a credit transfer system to pursue courses offered by Ishikawa City College, […]