Tuition Fees

Amount of tuition fees and due dates

ClassificationPayment AmountPayment Due Date
First Semester¥267,900April 15 (May 30 for new students)
Second Semester¥267,900October 30
  • The above full amounts are based on current regulations and are subject to change.
  • Prices are adjusted based on a cost-of-living index, and can change from year to year.
  • In addition to tuition fees, textbooks must be purchased, and practicum fees (actual amounts) must be paid.
  • If a payment due date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or national holiday, the payment due date shall become the next financial institution business day.

Payment Methods

Every year, payments will be direct-debited from the designated bank account, on the payment due dates.
Take care to avoid late payments in both semesters. Students who fail to make tuition fee payments even with reminder notices may be removed from the student register.

Tuition Fee Exemptions

There is a tuition fee exemption system for students for whom it is deemed unfeasible to pay tuition fees.

(1) Students Eligible to Apply for Exemption

  1. Students with guardians specified under the Public Assistance Act
  2. Students living in a combination of one of the household situations listed in (a), and one of the household situations listed in (b):
    • Single mother or widow’s household
    • Household with siblings only
    • Household with orphans of car accidents
    • Single father or widower’s household
    • Households with one or both parents hospitalized or visiting a hospital for injury or sickness, or where the parents cannot work or can only work reduced hours, due to being elderly or having a physical/mental disability
    • Households with an elderly relative confined to bedrest, a child with a mental/physical disability, or an infant or preschool child in long-term hospitalization or visiting a hospital
    • Households in which the main income earner has declared bankruptcy
    • Households in which the main income earner is receiving unemployment insurance or households in which the unemployment situation is equivalent to someone receiving unemployment insurance
    • Students whose guardian (if the student is an adult, then the main income earner providing for the household or the student themselves; hereafter the same for “guardian” below) is not paying income tax according to the Income Tax Act
    • Students whose guardian does not pay municipal tax, or is only paying on a per capita basis
    • Students whose guardian is exempt from paying National Pension premiums
    • Students whose household includes someone relying on the household finances who is eligible for the childcare allowance
    • Students whose household includes someone relying on the household finances who receives school expense subsidies
  3. Students in a household that has experienced a disaster and who corresponds to one of the following
    • Students whose guardian is exempt from income tax due to a disaster
    • Students whose guardian is exempt from prefectural tax due to a disaster
    • Students whose guardian would find it unfeasible to pay tuition fees due to their house being washed away, completely destroyed, partially destroyed, completely burnt down, partially burnt down, or flooded to above floor level

(2) Exemption Period

Six months or one year (from the semester following the semester during which the application is received, to the end of that university year)
Thus, students who desire an exemption starting from the first semester must apply before the start of the first semester of each year. Application form submission due dates will be posted on the noticeboards.
Please note that for new students only, the exemption will apply from the first semester of enrollment if the application form is submitted and received by April 15.

(3) How to Apply

Please submit the Tuition Fee Exemption Application Form, the Family Circumstances Record, and any other documentation required to the Academic Affairs Office.

(4) Cancellation of Exemption

Tuition fee exemptions will be canceled under any of the following situations:

  • If it is discovered that the application form or the accompanying documents were falsified, or the exemption was otherwise given under fraudulent circumstances
  • If the student declines the exemption
  • If the student is suspended from study
  • If the student’s situation no longer meets the exemption eligibility criteria listed in (1)

Where to Submit Application Forms or Get Advice

Academic Affairs Office

Please see the Japanese page for details.