Diploma Policy

We award the degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing to those who have earned the credits required before graduation, who have a foundation in nursing, and who have acquired the drive and ability to seek out and create the new knowledge and skills that society demands, as well as the ability to help people and apply a range of knowledge and skills to contribute to the discovery and resolution of individual, community, and societal health problems.
In order to acquire these abilities, the following learning outcomes must be achieved:

  1. Able to form relationships of assistance through an approach that respects the human rights of those needing care and an empathetic attitude.
  2. Able to understand the lives and lifestyles of people, assess their overall health issues based on scientific grounds, and provide appropriate nursing care toward resolution of their issues.
  3. Able to take a comprehensive perspective on health, medicine, welfare, and other related spheres, and to understand how to partner and cooperate with people in associated fields.
  4. In possession of the character to constantly develop the values and professionalism required of a nursing professional.