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The blue ocean, majestic mountains and fresh air make this the perfect place to cultivate your sensitivities.

Spacious campus with a view of the ocean and mountains

To the west is the deep blue Sea of Japan,and to the east is Mt.Hodatsu, the highest peak in Noto. The spacious campus is blessed with beautiful natural surroundings and is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. We aim to become a base for nursing education, research and training open to the local community.

Center Hall

Glass Hall

Monument “風・心・光”
These Chinese characters roughly mean wind, heart and light, respectively.

Education & Research Building

Education & Research Building

The first and second floors are a learning and practical training zone featuring state-of the-art lecture rooms, rooms for practical training and experiments, computer lab, language learning lab, etc., while the third and fourth floors are a research zone featuring seminar rooms, faculty laboratories, etc.

Large Lecture Room

Computer Lab

Human Pathology Lab

Basic Nursing Training room

Maternity/child nursing training room

Adult / gerontological nursing training room

Community/Home Health/Psychiatric Nursing Training Room

Nursing Skills Lab

Seminar Room

Student Union

Student Union

On the first floor are a cafeteria, kiosk and lounge, and on the second floor are club rooms and Japanese-style rooms. A bright room with glass walls on the east and south sides, the cafeteria is a relaxing place and features an outdoor terrace. Diatomaceous earth from Ishikawa has been used in the inner walls.


Japanese-style room




There is a reading room on the first floor, and the second floor has magazine and multimedia corners. There is also a Nightingale collection on display.


With 450 seats, the auditorium is suitable for various events, including ceremonies and mini concerts. It features a calm and cozy interior.

Sports Facilities

To the west of the school building are some excellent sports facilities. Enjoy refreshing sports activities at a gymnasium equipped with a training gym and at a spacious three-court tennis facility.

Athletic field

Tennis courts

Traning gym

Administration Building

On the ground floor of the administration building are offices in charge of managing and administrating the university and the Community Care Center, which serves as a central contact point for opening up the university to the community. In addition to student counseling rooms and a nurse’s office, there are training rooms on the first floor, and the offices of the president and dean are on the second floor. Kutani ware and Wajima lacquer ware are used for door decorations and room plaques.

Nurse’s Office

Counseling room

Training Room

Overview of Facilities

Site area 60,975m²
School buildings 15,660m²

Administration Building

3-floor reinforced concrete structure

Ground floor University offices, Community Care Center / international exchange satellite, counseling rooms
1st floor Nurse’s office, student counseling rooms, lecturer waiting rooms, training rooms, lounge
2nd floor President’s office, deans’s office, large / small conference rooms, archives

University Library

3-floor reinforced concrete structure

Ground floor Janitor’s room, garage, equipment room
1st floor Open-stack reading room, browsing corner, library office
2nd floor Multimedia area, closed stack, conference rooms


2-floor reinforced concrete structure

1st floor Hall (450 seats), stage, lobby, foyer, equipment room
2nd floor Control room

Education & Research Building

4-floor reinforced concrete structure

1st floor Computer lab, language learning lab, physiology lab, human pathology lab, research lab, joint experiment room, large lecture room (1), medium-sized lecture rooms (3), small lecture rooms (2), men’s and women’s dressing rooms, center hall
2nd floor Basic nursing training room, maternity / child nursing training room, play room, nursing skills lab, adult / gerontological nursing training room, community / home health / psychiatric nursing training room, cooking training room, medium-sized lecture room, teaching material preparation room
3rd floor Faculty offices, faculty joint research labs, assistant joint research labs, nursing design labs, seminar rooms,study rooms, department offices, conference rooms, storage
4th floor Faculty offices, faculty joint research labs, assistant joint research labs, seminar rooms, printing room, storage, graduate student rooms


1-story reinforced concrete structure

1st floor Faculty room, arena, training gym, sports equipment storage, men’s and women’s locker rooms (shower units)

Student Union

2-floor reinforced concrete structure

1st floor Cafeteria, kiosk, tea room, lounge, equipment room
2nd floor Club rooms (13), Japanese-style rooms (2), shower rooms (women), storage

Outdoor Facilities

Athletic field (1), tennis courts (3), automobile parking lot (270 spaces), bicycle parking lot (60 spaces)