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Graduation Requirements

To be able to graduate from IPNU, students must study for at least four years, obtain 113 credits from compulsory subjects, and at least 16 credits from optional subjects, for a total of at least 129 credits.
The study requirements for each area/field are as follows. Please see the syllabus for the number of credits for each subject at the university, the year level, study hours and the class subjects according to year of training.

No. of credits required for graduation
Area Field Compulsory Subjects Optional subjects 合計
Liberal Arts Human Science 7 credits At least 4 credits At least 11 credits
Social Science 5 credits At least 2 credits At least 8 credits
Environment Science 2 credits At least 1 credits At least 3 credits
Information Technology 2 credits At least 2 credits At least 4 credits
International Studies 3 credits At least 2 credits At least 5 credits
Subtotal 19 credits At least 12 credits At least 31 credits
Nursing Studies Comprehension of Life
in Health and Illness
20 credits At least 1 credit At least 21 credit
Nursing Fundamentals 13 credits At least 13 credit
Nursing Assistance Methods 33 credits At least 33 credit
Nursing Practicums 21 credits 21 credits
Further Nursing Studies 7 credits At least 3 credits*2 At least 10 credits
Subtotal 94 credits At least 4 credits At least 98 credits
Total 113 credits At least 16 credits At least 129 credits

*1 Of the 2 or more optional subject credits in the International Studies field in Liberal Arts, 1 or more credit must be obtained from the subjects of ‘German’, ‘Chinese’ or ‘Russian Language’.

*2 Of the 3 or more optional subject credits in the ‘Further Nursing Studies’ field in Nursing Studies, 2 or more credits must be obtained from the subjects of ‘Nursing Administration II’, ‘Global Health Nursing’ or ‘Disaster Nursing’.

*3 For students wishing to apply for a Type 2 License in School Nursing, they must obtain credits from the two optional subjects ‘Law and Society’ and ‘Computer and Academic Literacy’.