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Research Supervision Staff and Research Topics (Doctoral Program)

Community Health Nursing Design

Prof. Maruoka Naoko
  • Research relating to nursing management
  • Research relating to discharge coordination and support
  • Research relating to falls risk management
Prof. Ishigaki Kazuko
  • Research on advanced community nursing practice
  • Research on family nursing, elderly nursing, nursing in depopulated and rural areas
  • Research on nursing rooted in people’s cultures and value systems

Practical Nursing Science

Prof. Nishimura Mamiko
  • Research on parenting support, prevention of childhood abuse and parent-child relationships
  • Research on support for mothers with parenting concerns, parenting difficulties and problems with abuse.
Prof. Hama Koko
  • Research relating to couples in their parenting roles, perinatal health and QOL evaluations
Prof. Makino Tomoe
  • Research supporting patients’ outlook on life and values when they have a disease (for patients with cancer, or diseases in the terminal phase, treatment phase or chronic phase)
Prof. Murai Yoshiko
  • Critical care – Research relating to the patient-nurse relationship
  • Research on education methods relating to practical skills training in critical care nurses
  • The structure of nursing practicums based on both ‘cure’ and ‘care’ in critical care nursing
Prof. Kawashima Kazuyo
  • Research relating to testing in nursing theory practicums
  • Research relating to nursing for the inappropriate behaviour of elderly inpatients with dementia
Prof. Hayashi Kazumi
  • Research relating to the nursing of patients with chronic diseases and their families
  • Research relating to home care by family carers for family members in need of care