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Study Support

Study advice

The homeroom teacher system has been implemented, and individual advice can be given about study and all aspects of student life.

Guidance for all year levels / Class Hours (undergraduate only)

Guidance sessions are held in April every year so that information necessary for student life can be provided. In addition, a number of ’Class Hour’ sessions are provided throughout the year to support students in their life at university.

Interaction with students of different year levels (undergraduate only)

This is a chance for junior students to talk to senior students about their student life experiences, issues and successes in student life such as regular exams, nursing practicums and looking for work.
This advice from senior students still at university is a great support for university life.

DVD learning materials

The university has a DVD called ‘Self-study scenario learning: for the improvement of practical nursing skills – ‘Step by step forward!’. This is an original university DVD consisting of nine case studies for the purpose of gaining practical nursing skills through continuing self-learning prior to nursing practicums and gaining employment.
In addition, the University Library has approximately 330 DVD titles, which you can freely watch.


In order to promote self-study and self-learning in English, from the 2013 year the e-learning system (self-study system in a computer) ‘CHIerueNetLibe’ has been available. Learning can be undertaken through various courses and at various levels, including listening, vocabulary development and TOEIC preparation. If you have an internet-connected computer, access is possible outside the university.