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Student Life Support

1. Student support offices

1 .Study

What When Where (Office)
Study For study registration, additions, withdrawals Academic Affairs Office
Curriculum For timetables, lecture absences, supplementary classes Academic Affairs Office
Regular examinations For supplementary examinations etc. Academic Affairs Office

2. Various notifications/issuance of certificates

What When Where (Office)
Student ID Reissuance of a lost or damaged card Academic Affairs Office
Student record changes For leaves of absence/study trips/withdrawal etc. Academic Affairs Office
Issuance of various certificates

  • Student discount card
If you need a certificate issued

  • If you will be travelling more than 100 km one way on JR.
Academic Affairs Office

3. Tuition fees/scholarship money

What When Where (Office)
Payment of tuition fees Payment of tuition fees General Affairs
Tuition fee exemptions Tuition fee exemptions Academic Affairs Office
Student loans Student loans Academic Affairs Office


What When Where (Office)
Lost and found If you have lost or found something on campus General Affairs
Use of facilities If you would like to use university facilities for extracurricular activities Academic Affairs Office
Student life advice If you would like advice on student life Academic Affairs Office
Health management If you would like health advice or counselling 保健室
Extracurricular activities If you would like to create a group/club and post notices about it Academic Affairs Office
Accommodation Notices can be posted on the student noticeboard (lounge in the Student Union building) Academic Affairs Office
Part-time work Notices can be posted on the student noticeboard (entrance to the Student Union building) Academic Affairs Office

5. Future pathways

What When Where (Office)
Employment and further study applications When you are looking for employment or to go on to further study Academic Affairs Office
National Examination applications When you wish to take National Examinations Academic Affairs Office

2. Carrying your Student ID

Your Student ID is an important document that certifies you are a student of this university. Carry it with you at all times so you can present it when asked, and keep it safe until you graduate.
Your university student ID card is also used for the following purposes.

  1. When you take regular exams
  2. When you use the University Library
  3. When you purchase Student Commuter Passes
  4. When you wish to obtain or use a student travel fare discount certificate (student discount certificate)

If you lose or damage your card, please apply to have it reissued. If you graduate or leave the university, please return it immediately to the Secretarial office (Academic Affairs Office).

3. Communications/Notices for students (Noticeboards)

Communications and notices will be given to students via university noticeboards. Check the relevant noticeboards each time you arrive at and leave the university. Please note that posted notices will be deemed to have been given to all students. Be sure to check the noticeboards so that you don’t miss anything.

Noticeboard locations

Year level-specific noticeboards First and second year students 1st floor of the Education & Research Building – Student Union side of the Center Hall
Third year and transfer students 1st floor of the Education & Research Building – Administration Building side of the Center Hall
Fourth year and Graduate School students 2nd floor of the Education & Research Building – centrally located in the Center Hall
All-year-level common noticeboards 1st floor of the Education & Research Building – centrally located in the Center Hall
Student noticeboards 1st floor of the Education & Research Building – centrally located in the Center Hall
Entrance to the Student Union Building (Education & Research Building side)
Lounge and study area in the Student Union Building
Lounge and Future Pathways Corner in the Student Union Building

Content of Notices

Content of notices Notice locations
Student noticeboards
Education & Research
Student Union
Center Hall Entrance Lounge
1st/2nd floor 1st floor 1st floor Education &
Building side
Study area Future
Notices from
the university
Announcement of
university rules/
University event
Payment of tuition fees/
exemptions/scholarship &
student loan information
Academic related
(Lectures/exams etc.)
Future pathways
(applications for
National Examinations/
employment etc.)
Student summons          
(Extracurricular activities/
found items/festivals etc.)
Student’s association/
University festival/
Club activities etc.
Other Information on future
Information from outside
the university

4. Summons from outside the university, receipt of mail

Except for emergency or extremely important situations, the university will not take requests from either within or outside the university for summoning individual students. In addition, we cannot receive mail on behalf of individual students, so please let your family and friends know.
However, for groups recognized by the university (Student Association/University Festival Organization Committee/Clubs etc.), mail may be claimed at the Secretarial office (General Affairs Office) and will be delivered to the mail box in front of the Faculty Office (Education & Research Building 3rd floor).

5. Lost and found item notifications

If you realize that you have lost or forgotten money or other items on campus, or you think they have been stolen, please notify the General Affairs Office as soon as possible. If you have found an item, please take it immediately to the General Affairs Office.

6. Rules for the use of teaching materials and other resources

  • Do not use for purposes other than study
  • Obtain permission from the teacher in charge if using for self-study
  • Do not use in locations other than those permitted
  • Notify the teacher in charge immediately if any item is damaged
  • Once you have finished, restore the item to its original state and return it to its original location.
  • If damage occurs or the item is lost due to deliberate or significant negligence, the university may ask for compensation for the damage caused.