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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the library open?

During Term: Weekdays 9:00–21:00, Saturdays 10:00–18:00
Out of Term: Weekdays 9:00–17:00, Saturdays 10:00–18:00
The library is closed on Sundays, holidays, during the year-end and New Year holidays, during the collection inventory, the university’s anniversary (May 29), and on entrance examination dates.
Since the library may occasionally be closed on other dates, please refer to the library’s calendar before planning your visit.

Can people other than university members use the library?

Yes. Please fill in a General User Application Slip at the counter when you arrive. Readers who wish to borrow books need a Special Borrowing Privileges Card (Loan Card). This can be created on the spot for first-time readers with an identity proof (note that Loan Cards are not necessary for in-library access to the collection).

Can the loan period be renewed?

Loans may be renewed only once. Users who wish to renew a loan are requested to bring the book in question to process the return. If the book has not been reserved by another reader, it can be borrowed again.

Can periodicals be borrowed?

Periodicals (including bound periodicals) are not eligible for borrowing. Please take copies of the sections you require. Special Borrowing Privileges are permitted only to faculty, staff, and graduate students enrolled at the university.

How can I find the book or periodical I am looking for?

Readers can search the library’s collection on our online public access catalog (OPAC) search system using the title, author name, or other keywords. Readers can also reserve books that are out on loan by filling an application form and submitting it at the borrowing counter.
The collection titles of periodicals and bulletins are also listed on our Academic Periodicals List. Please check the volume number using OPAC.

I’m looking for an academic paper.

Various academic databases and search engines can be accessed from the library’s Search Terminal.

Can I order materials not held by the library?

Readers can request to borrow books or receive photocopied documents from other university libraries (this service is restricted to faculty and staff and students enrolled at the university). However, any expenses (such as the copy fee and shipping fee) will be borne by the reader. Upon receiving the arrival notice, readers are asked to promptly visit the library counter with the correct change ready. Please note that the library does not accept inter-library loan requests from general readers (non-members of the university).

Can I use the photocopier?

The library is equipped with a coin-operated photocopier for personal use (10 yen per page). Readers are asked to observe copyright when copying materials. When taking copies, please fill a photocopy application form available next to the copy machine and submit it at the counter.