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Research Supervision Staff and Research Topics (Master’s Program)

Health Nursing

Nursing Design

Prof. Asami Hiroshi
  • Clinical philosophy and ethical research relating to care and nursing practice, research relating to views of life and death, and care
Prof. Kobayashi Hiromitsu
  • Research on ergonomics in the care environment
  • Research on physiological responses to psychological stimuli

Community Health

Prof. Ishigaki Kazuko
  • Research on advanced community nursing practice
  • Research on family nursing, elderly nursing, nursing in depopulated and rural areas
  • Research on nursing rooted in people’s cultures and value systems
Prof. Ooki Syuichi
  • The theoretical foundation of evidence-based health care
  • Practical application of epidemiology research in communities

Nursing Administration

Prof. Maruoka Naoko
  • Research relating to nursing management
  • Research relating to discharge coordination and support
  • Research relating to falls risk management
Prof. Takeyama Masashi
  • Research relating to the communication skills of new nurses
  • Research relating to emotional care

Practical Nursing

Women’s Health

Prof. Hama Koko
  • Research relating to couples in their parenting roles, perinatal health and QOL evaluations

Child and Family Health Nursing

Prof. Nishimura Mamiko
  • Research on parenting support, prevention of childhood abuse and parent-child relationships
  • Research on support for mothers with parenting concerns, parenting difficulties and problems with abuse.

Adult Nursing

Prof. Makino Tomoe
  1. Research on supporting patients’ outlook on life and values when they have a disease (for patients with cancer, or diseases in the terminal phase, treatment phase or chronic phase)
  2. Intervention study in cancer nursing practice relating to approaches to exposure prevention and side effect prevention for chemotherapy
  3. Research relating to support for families of cancer patients
Prof. Murai Yoshiko
  • All aspects of nursing practice in critical care situations
Prof. Takuwa Noriko
  • Treatment and care from a disease pathophysiological perspective
  • Understanding the functions of molecules and cells and their application to nursing
  • The realization of a society with health and longevity through the individual achievements of medical professionals
  • Clarification of the physiological/pathophysiological significance of lipid mediator information transmission systems in living organisms, and the development of new treatment methods targeting them
Prof. Imai Miwa
  • Research relating to cancer prevention
  • Research relating to the prevention of infectious diseases

Gerontological Nursing

Prof. Kawashima Kazuyo
  • Research relating to testing in nursing management practice (mainly relating to patients in old age)
  • Research relating to the development of care technology in the community/home/institutions
Prof. Hasegawa Noboru
  • Research relating to index searches and interventions for the prevention of reductions in cognitive function and physical function
  • Research relating to the prevention of osteoporosis and health support for the alleviation of menopause symptoms
  • Functional approaches in Nursing Physiology using antioxidants

Home Care Nursing

Prof. Hayashi Kazumi
  • Research relating to the nursing of patients with chronic diseases and their families
  • Research relating to home care by family carers for family members in need of care