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Open Campus Days

Open campus days are held twice a year in summer and fall.
The Open Campus Days for 2016 have now passed.

Summer Open Campus Day
16 July 2016
Fall Open Campus Day
29 October 2016
  • University Information Session
    The University President will give a talk about the features of the university, educational philosophy and her personal message.
    There will also be an explanation about entrance examinations.
  • Self-guided Tour of University Facilities/Practical Nursing ‘Have-a-Go’
    Have a go at practical nursing skills learnt in practicums.
    With a self-guided tour map you are free to look around and participate.
  • Nursing Studies Mock Lesson
    An introductory lecture in nursing studies at university aimed at high school students.
  • Student Presentations
    Students will present information on student life as a university nursing student.
    Don’t miss hearing the interesting experiences of those who have already started their study.
  • Advice/Question Corner
    There will be an advice corner set up for questions on student life, entrance exams and transferring to the university, with teaching staff and current students on hand to answer your queries.
  • Seminar for Parents/Guardians
    This talk will cover the future, including the appeal of nurses and public health nurses, aspects of university life such as the curriculum and educational content, National Examinations, further study/work prospects, and information on preparation for study such as fees, scholarships and apartment information etc.
This is the day of the Nursing University Festival.
Please come along, enjoy the festival and experience the Nursing University atmosphere.